Meet Our Animals

We are pleased to include animals as part of our practice here at Dusty Rose Dentistry. We are happy to work with and host a number of animal friends to improve your experience. We invite you to check out our squirrel feeders or meet our chickens and snake when you visit us. Call 352-493-1416 today to find out more and make an appointment with Dr. Dusty Rose, our friendly dentists in Chiefland, Florida.


The Squirrel

Earl has been a frequent flier of the corns and bench in the window of room 1. He has worked tirelessly on bringing friends and is a total gentleman as he shares his food with his squirrel friends. If you are seeing Dr. Rose, you may have the opportunity to see Earl at his finest

The Golden Girls

The Chickens

These fine ladies can be seen waltzing down either side of Park Ave., where they make an appearance at our office before going on to NE 1st St. They stop by at any point of the day and their clucking is a welcome sound. We hope you get to see them while visiting the office.


The Snake

Jake is a very infrequent visitor. He will show up after the squirrels, birds and chickens have their fun. Jake prefers the peace and quiet and is a gentleman.


The Bird

Jupiter is a frequent flier to the bird feeder. She invites many friends including cardinals and other finches. She is our social butterfly and it is great to see how much she enjoys sharing her bird seed with her friends.

Ms. Pearl White

Ms. White is a dumbo elephant earred beta fish and greets every patient that walks in the door. She sits right at the check in desk and looks forward to greeting every patient who comes in and wishing they have a swimming well day. Ms. White is a classy lady who loves long walks on her blue pebbles and a fish food cocktail at the end of the day.

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